CUV Ventures Corp.


CUV Ventures, through its four subsidiaries on four continents, focuses upon the leisure and personal finance sectors. With a proprietary in-house IT division, incorporating staff that have been with certain management figures for over 2 decades, the company is autonomous and, uncommonly agile, quickly adapting to new avenues and, markets. The Revolu concept, in which Fintech is deployed in creative ways to solve specific consumer requirements, allied to member programs and, closed loop app users, brings with it inherent advantages, which culminate in a gradual increase in overall users, especially those who are attracted to cross-platform services. The methodology behind the company’s goals is that consumers need to resolve multiple needs, preferably with one supplier and, using one payment system. Making this easy, with specific Fintech related apps and, websites, removes complication from consumers lives and, logically increases the exponential adoption rate of the company’s central proprietary Payment App RevoluPAY and, as such, the in-house verticals. It is this ensemble that shareholders of CUV should be focused upon, because the strength of the verticals is the strength of the adoption, leading to revenue and, an overall favorable corporate outcome.